Available Hunting Puppies...


For the last few years, I've been hunting with a friend who has an incredible Hunting Griff. He got this Griff from a breeder I don't know, but I know he has been breeding for years.


I got a call from this breeder (Josh Maddox) yesterday letting me know he has a large litter due any day, and he will have a few available puppies. The sire is a Stoney Ridge dog, and he has the dam.


I've been told both parents scored a maximum Prize I, 112 in their NA test, and that the pups will be registered with NAVHDA.


I've hunted with Stoney Ridge dogs and, as I mentioned, one of Josh's dogs. All have been excellent hunters.


That's all I know about this breeding. These are not my puppies, nor do I have any association with the breeding. I'm just letting you know about this in case anyone is looking for a hunting Griff. These pups will only go to hunting families.


For more information, please contact:


Josh Maddox at 812-550-4813