We have a beautiful Gundog Ranch on the Payette River in Idaho.

Our training and testing grounds...  


We have four bird fields where we do our field and steadiness training. We also have two ponds where we conduct waterfowl training, as well as hunt during the hunting season.  


We call it the C&C Ranch for Cota and CK, but others call it the Canine Country Club.  It's a bit of heaven for all of us.


I absolutely love working with pups and dogs.  I specialize in working with owners and their dogs.  Having the owner of the pup involved in the training process, I believe, creates an amazingly strong bond.  One that will last a lifetime.


I've been working with hunting dogs for almost fifty years.  I've had the pleasure of training and running dogs in hunt tests and field trials with great success. I've had the honor of working with some of the legends in the hunting dog world.  (If you have, or ordered a copy of Bob Farris' book, Breeding and Training Versatile Hunting Dogs you'll see many photos of me training in the book.  Great book available on Amazon.) 


I also have a Youtube channel, The Hunting Griff where I share many training tips and advice. 


For more information on training with me at our facility please call:

George DeCosta, Jr