HG's Agnes (Agnes)

NA Prize III 96



Our beautiful, loving Agnes


Agnes is the daughter of Duchess Gracie Decota (Cota), NA Prize I 112, UT Prize I, 204 (maximum scores possible) and JX's Atticus Augustus (Gus), UT Prize II, UPT Prize III.  She is the granddaughter of CH VC Griffe D’Automne Mr. Brown (Jacque).  Jacque received NAVHDA’s Natural Ability Prize II, UPT Prize I, UT Prize I and the rare NAVDHA Versatile Champion and the great granddaughter of Palos Triangle Cote Roannaise, NA Prize I 112, UT Prize I 204.  Hunting is in her genes from her pedigree... she gets her loving, maternal personality from our Cota Girl.


Agnes received NAVHDA's (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) NA Prize III, 96. Agnes scored the maximum in Pointing, Water work, Nose and Tracking.  As a young pup Agnes was a close working pup and therefore scored lower in her search. As an adult her search is amazing, she is a vacuum in the uplands and a retrieving machine in the water. 


The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) rates hips in this order starting from the lowest: Severe, Moderate, Mild, Borderline, Fair, Good and Excellent.  Agnes received the highest rating possible, Excellent on her hips.


Agnes, like her brother Rex is one of the most beautiful pups we've every seen.  But she has more to her beauty then what's on the outside.  Agnes has the most loving, caring personality that you could ever imagine.  She has a natural maternal instinct that is second to none.  She loves to watch over puppies and children.  At home and around town Agnes is the sweetest, loving, most affectionate dog you'll ever meet.  Put her in a field, or in a duck blind and you wouldn't believe she's the same dog.  She's a hunting machine; focused, intense and as strong as they come. Agnes does it all.


When you think of the perfect family dog that becomes an incredible hunter in the fields and wetlands, Agnes is the dog you're thinking of.  


What more could one ask for from our next breeding female. Agnes is an out and out hunter with a strong, caring, motherly personality. We have chosen Agnes to be our next breeding female because of her wonderful disposition, powerful hunting performance and her overall beauty.