HG's Korthals Versatile Rex

NA Prize I, 112 

UT Prize II, 180



Handsome and talented Rex, AKA Hollywood


Rex is the son of Duchess Gracie Decota (Cota), NA Prize I 112, UT Prize I, 204 (maximum scores possible) and JX's Atticus Augustus (Gus), UT Prize II, UPT Prize III.  He is the grandson of CH VC Griffe D’Automne Mr. Brown (Jacque).  Jacque received NAVHDA’s Natural Ability Prize II, UPT Prize I, UT Prize I and the rare NAVDHA Versatile Champion and the great grandson of Palos Triangle Cote Roannaise, NA Prize I 112, UT Prize I 204.  Rex is a chip of the old block... he's a chip off all the old blocks!  


Rex received NAVHDA's (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) NA Prize I, 112 (Maximum score possible just like his mom and grandfather.)  but Rex did this at only seven months old! Then at only two years, eight months old Rex received NAVHDA's coveted UT Prize II. (Just like his dad.)  Earning the maximum scores in his field work, pointing, search, desire, steadiness to flush, wing, shot and fall.  An awesome achievement. 


The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) rates hips in this order starting from the lowest: Severe, Moderate, Mild, Borderline, Fair, Good and Excellent.  Rex received the highest rating possible, Excellent on his hips.


Rex has not only done well in his testing and is as handsome as they come, but more importantly Rex is an outstanding hunter and loving companion.  Rex has been doing guided hunts since he was only a year and a half old.  He's done demonstrations for training events, he's hunted upland and waterfowl almost every week of the season since he was a pup.  He's hunted in multiple states and he gives you his all every time without fail.  In the home he is Jeff's best friend with a bond that cannot be put down in words. Rex has it all... 


When you think of the perfect stud dog that hunts like a true champion, tests incredibly well and has a magnificent personality... and is nick-named Hollywood because of how handsome he is, you think of Rex.


The Hunting Griff is proud to offer Rex at stud.  Rex is located in Northern California.


For more information regarding Rex please call Jeff King: